About Us

Mission: Front Range Energy Alliance supports safe, affordable energy, including the responsible pursuit of local energy, in Broomfield and the Front Range region, along the US-36 corridor.

Front Range Energy Alliance is a home grown citizens group in Broomfield, Colorado., formed in response to several local government initiatives that could have potentially hindered Broomfield’s ability to safely and responsibly produce their local energy resources.

The roots of the Front Range Energy Alliance were created in 2013 with the formation of “It’s Our Broomfield Too”, with the objective of educating and informing the community on the facts related to oil and gas extraction. In 2013, “It’s Our Broomfield Too” contributed to the initial defeat of Question 300, which called for a 5 year ban on fracking operations in Broomfield. The result was reversed through a contentious election recount, causing the 5 year ban to take effect in February 2014.

In 2015, the citizen based effort was expanded to the Front Range Energy Alliance, with the objective to work across the front range to ensure those communities are educated and equipped to provide the energy we need, the economy we deserve, and the environment we love.

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Front Range Energy Alliance