The energy we need, the economy we deserve, and the environment we love.

Introducing Front Range Energy Alliance

Front Range Energy Alliance is a home grown citizens group in Broomfield, Colorado., formed in response to several local government initiatives that could have potentially hindered Broomfield’s ability to safely and responsibly produce their local energy resources.

The roots of the Front Range Energy Alliance were created in 2013 with the formation of “It’s Our Broomfield Too”, with the objective of educating and informing the community on the facts related to oil and gas extraction. In 2013, “It’s Our Broomfield Too” contributed to the initial defeat of Question 300, which called for a 5 year ban on fracking operations in Broomfield. The result was reversed through a contentious election recount, causing the 5 year ban to take effect in February 2014.

In 2015, the citizen based effort was expanded to the Front Range Energy Alliance, with the objective to work across the front range to ensure those communities are educated and equipped to provide the energy we need, the economy we deserve, and the environment we love.

Each member of Front Range Energy Alliance is involved for a different reason. Leaders of the group have shared why energy is important to them and why they take the time to support responsible energy production:

“Safe, affordable energy production is key to our economy, and the effect of that production is seen and felt on a local level. The Colorado Front Range is experiencing great prosperity due to our energy industry, and oil and gas production in Colorado continues to bring affordable energy to everyone in Colorado.

The people who work in the energy industry live in our communities. These are people who work every day in the field, focused on making sure that energy production is done safely and properly. Every day, these people work to support their families, our schools, and our communities directly just like we all do. They are our friends and neighbors, and they are the best advocates for energy production in Colorado, and we thank them for that. Please join us in thanking them and help us tell their story of safe, affordable energy production in Colorado.”

Rick Fernandez

“According to experts, the world should be an ecological disaster and totally uninhabitable by now. Instead the world is better than it has ever been. Energy is cheaper, pollution is down, the water is cleaner and less fortunate people can afford to drive to work and pay their utility bills. This is all courtesy of oil and natural gas.

We must continue to support drilling and fracing for the progress to continue. We need to support property rights and freedoms of the farmers, landowners, and energy firms for the purpose of keeping the cost of energy low and available.”

Tom Cave

“Energy is very important and affects our daily lives. Our health, our jobs, our security depend on safe affordable energy. Energy bans harm Colorado citizens. In Colorado, we have the most stringent regulations on the production of oil and natural gas in our country which protect our health and our environment. Please join us in education others and protect freedom of Colorado grown energy.”

Sue Saad

Front Range Energy Alliance